Dolls Houses

Wide selection, some antique or secondhand, from handmade finely detailed for collectors to simple starter homes for 3-year olds. Special designs can be made to order, see Home Page.

stone house

Cotswold Stone House


4 rooms, inglenook fireplace. Thick walls.

32 1/2in wide x 25in high x 16in deep

Chalet house


Simple wooden house, complete with furniture & family. Ideal child’s house.

16in wide x 15in high x 11in deep

Honeychurch cottage


4 rooms, 2 storeys, second hand

23in wide x 19in high x 10 1/2in deep

Original 1930s House


8 rooms, opens front & back, brick papered,

original wallpapers & lino

39in wide x 39in high x 32in deep

Georgian House


Built from my bk ‘Build a Doll’s House’ 2nd hand

33in wide x 44 1/2in high x 20in deep

Fine Victorian House


8 rooms inc attic & basement, fully decorated. opening windows

35in wide x 42in high x 26 1/2in deep

Tudor cottage

5 rooms, gable, studwork & beams

26in wide x 26in high x 13 1/2in deep

1947 German house


Built by prisoners of war in Hamburg while rebuilding docks. L-shaped, 6 rooms

48in wide x 34in high x 21in deep

Anglesey Victorian house


8-room 4-storey house, including basement and attic. Fully decorated.

30in wide x 38 1/2in x 15in deep + 13in base

Georgian terraced shop

3-storey, 3 rooms, flat roof

15in wide x 31 1/2in high x 14in de

The Fiddlers Arms pub

5 storeys including basement, well distressed exterior, no stairs

13 1/2in wide x 48in high x 14 1/2in deep

Georgian mansion, 1925


14 rooms, opens back & front. Mellow brickwork, looks antique. Bow window one end. Built 1925. 3/4in scale, could enlarge doors. Table stand with turntable 49in x30in.

37in wide x23in high x 38in deep

Tudor House


Solidly constructed 3-storey 9-room house (incl wide landings), ‘oak’ floorboards throughout

40in wide x 30in high x 21 1/2in deep

Country Stores


4 rooms + shop, working blinds, built by T & S Cook for me in Covent Garden 1984

37in wide x 25in high x 14in deep

Chalet style house


3/4in scale, 6 rooms,interesting stairs, prob 1930s

25in wide x 27 1/2in high x 15 1/2in deep

Brick Cottage


4 rooms + attic, handpainted bricks, from my book ‘Build a Dolls House’

26in wide x 13 1/2in high x 28 1/2in deep

Mackintosh style house


5 rooms 3-storey, second hand

24in wide x 30in high x 14in deep

Solid Tudor House


4 rooms, attic, open back, suitable for child

29in wide x 25in high x 22in deep, base 25 x 41in

Original 1930s House


4 rooms, 3/4in scale, wallpapers & fireplace

21in wide x 23 in high x 10 in deep


Tiger Toys printed house


6-room house, thin ply, screen-printed bricks and door. 1960s/70s.

21in wide x 26in high x 14in deep

Edwardian double-gable House


4 large rooms, brickpapered, second hand

34in wide x 33in high x 19in deep

 Antique 1904 House


4 rooms, side windows & on stairs

34in wide x 39in high x 18in deep

Unfinished project


Large 10 room house, opens front & back, started with detailed bricks & tiles

41in wide x 40in high x 24in deep

Triang No.93


6 rooms, original condition, brown roof tiles, bath, dresser, sink, fireplaces

47 1/2in wide x 27in high x 17 1/4in deep

Victorian House (Squirrel)


4 rooms + attic, second hand, well decorated

33in wide x 32in high x 13 1/2 x 21in deep

Georgian 2-storey House


4 rooms +attic, varnished wood, almost new

36 1/2in wide x 31in high x 16in deep

1960s simple house


4 rooms, no stairs, similar to Lines Bros

Original 1930s or earlier House


Mock-Tudor, bay windows, 4 rooms

25in wide x 33in high x 17 1/2in deep

2-storey  Country House


8 rooms opens back & front, well decorated 2nd hand

35in wide x 22in high x 20in deep

Plain Georgian House


6 rooms, slightly tatty, flat roof

31in wide x 34in high to chimney x 15in deep

Lines Bros DH11


6 rooms some original wallpaper 34 x 30 x 16 3/4

Timberlina Weatherboard


Well decorated interior

3-storey shop & flat


18in wide x 28in high x 18in deep

Triang No 76


complete with steps

19in wide x 17in high x 10 1/2in deep